Reward Points

Save 3% With Reward Points

  1. When you create an account: Receive 100 points when creating an account.
  2. Reward points: Receive 1 reward point for every dollar you spend.
  3. Value 100 reward points will give you 3$ free
  4. How to claim your reward points: You must order for at least 45$ in to claim any reward points.

Save an Additional 3% Discount on Every Order

  1. When you create an account: Click on subscribe to newsletters
  2. Nothing to do: Automatically get 3% discount on every order.
  3. Discount Codes: Receive updates and discounts. Unsubscribe at anytime.

Other Bonus Discounted Services

  1. Next Day Shipping: We only charge for half the actual cost of this precious service.
  2. Free Express shipping: Valid when you order 25$ or more
  3. Discount Codes: Click here to view our latest discounts
  4. Price Match: Click here to get a special price
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