Pink Lotus 20x Extract

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Pink Lotus Flower Extract 20x
Nelumbo Nucifera 20:1

Product Description

Pink Lotus Flowers 20x The extract is made from pink lotus flowers grown on a private farm, only the freshest lotus available. This product is a unique extract made from the flower only, which is the most aromatic part of the plant where the precious absolute oil is found in much higher concentrations than the stem. Most pink lotus extract found in the world is made with the whole plant, while our product is a unique extract made from only the flower, resulting in a far superior product. It is a brownish powder. This product is similar to the blue lotus 20X, but with a choco-floral twist to the aroma, with a different spectrum of alkaloids. Both the pink and blue lotus grow in water, but the pink lotus leaf and flower pod extend out of the water, while the blue lotus grows in the water, directly touching the surface. Some cultures view the pink lotus as a symbol of enlightenment (a superior state of mind possibly awakened during meditation). Pink lotus flowers are reserved for the highest deity in India. Very well known in India and should be researched more.
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