Passionflower | Grade A | Extract | 3:1

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This extract is a true full spectrum 3:1 extract made from Grade "A" Passionflower. 1 gram of extract equals 3 grams of passionflower dry flower and leaves. It is a dry powder rich in tannins and aromatic oils. It is very similar to the passionflower 5:1 except that it is more fine of a powder and slightly more stable.


This superior quality crop comes from Provence, France. You can find Passionflower worldwide, but this particular crop is some of the best we have ever found.

Mysterious and More Common

We classify Passionflower as a mysterious but more common botanical in terms of the botanicals we offer. It always sends a message of happiness, relaxation, and peace to those who take the time to admire its beauty.

Passionflower Extract True 3:1


Light brown


It is a dried powder. Keep dry.


This is one of the best extracts on the market and is slightly easier to work with than the 5x.

Type of Extract

Our extract is a full spectrum, dried alcohol extract. This is the best type of extract for further processing. It contains both polar and non-polar compounds.


It is nearly 100% soluble in water, but very close.


It is hygroscopic in nature and will attract water from the air. It is more stable than the Passionflower 5:1, but you should keep this away from moisture.

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