Amanita Muscaria-Red-Latvia-Grade A

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Buy Amanita Muscaria in Canada: Grade A from Lithuania. The grade A mushrooms have perfect caps and no stems and are very rarely in stock. This harvest classifies as A+. These caps are a wild harvest and not from Christmas tree plantations. The grade B has broken pieces but is still comparable to the Grade A in quality. In the wild, it has bright contrasting colors of red caps speckled with white dots. It has such eye-pleasing qualities and deep signification to the initiating shaman that this mushroom has engraved a place in history. It is found everywhere in literature and arts from books, movies, toys, to cartoons, to video games. Amanita Muscaria is one of the many suspected candidates for the famous mysterious Soma. In Siberia, shamans have long respected this iconic mushroom, and consider it a spiritual teacher. We believe this mushroom needs to be researched, and may light be shed into the modern scientific world. We offer this unique find for legitimate research. Not approved for human consumption.

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