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Damiana = A Romance Teacher in a Leaf

We have a passionate relationship with Damiana and want you to have one too. It is a romantic herb and has taught us about love and sensitivity. Adds a touch of sensuality and passion to whatever it touches. It has been associated with the following words: Sensuality, potency, relaxation, restoration, toning, dreams, elixirs, piney bitterness, herbal smoke, and more.

For General Use:

Damiana is also available for incorporation into an infinite amount of products. A very versatile raw material that will meet the needs of any product looking for damiana.

Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee to have the best price and the highest quality Damiana in Canada and the USA. Available in 100g, 200g, 500g, and 1000g options here. Contact u to get wholesale bulk pricing for this special herb.

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