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Welcome Researchers and developers. We encourage researchers and developers to research and further process our raw materials. We strive to be superior to others in many ways:

1. Research quality

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    We specialize in raw materials for research and development; from raw botanicals, plant extracts, and mineral specimens from the highest quality sources on the planet. We also can provide scientific equipment that will help you excel in any research project. Visit our research equipment section for more details. We export worldwide where permitted. We supply our clients with research quality raw materials from the best suppliers around the world. The raw botanicals and extracts, and absolutes listed here are some of our favorite discoveries. We welcome researchers from around the globe to help us discover more useful scientific information about these rare botanicals for the collective knowledge of humankind. We offer you raw materials of the highest possible quality every time. For manufactures in R&D, we can help guide you in the right direction. Important note: Our raw materials are not approved for consumption and cannot be processed, advertised, or sold as natural health products in Canada. We do not assist in the Natural Health Product Manufacturing process.

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