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Buy Kratom in Canada

Highest quality kratom leaf powder begins with the best freshly picked leaves. Here is a picture showing the highest quality fresh leaf and another image showing a fine kratom powder that is sold in Canada.
Fresh kratom powder from the highest quality leaf.

We supply kratom in Canada for research and development. We offer other unique raw materials like Blue lotus, Pink lotus, Kava, Kanna, Wild dagga, Amanita Muscaria, and more. We supply consistent, high-quality products from the best suppliers we could find worldwide. The raw materials you'll find here are some of our favorite discoveries available for research and development, having been chosen by us from the rest. We believe that all the botanicals we carry are special and unique and should continue to be available for research and further processing in Canada and worldwide. We hope to inspire and merge the scientific with nature. If you wish, we encourage you to share your research and new discoveries to inspire the global scientific community.


We have kratom available in both powdered raw form and powdered extract.

Kratom Leaf Powder

We have a large variety of the highest quality kratom powders available.

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Kratom Extract 3:1

Our kratom extract is pure with no fillers, and is full spectrum.

Buy Kratom Extracts in Canada → offers the best kratom extracts for

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Kratom Wholesale in Canada

Please contact us for wholesale pricing. We offer kratom wholesale in Canada to customers for further processing and research. There are many limitations to using our different raw materials. Please contact us if you have questions.

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Blue Lotus

Beautiful colors, special aroma, available in the full flower, only the stamens, powder extract and the absolutes.

View All Blue Lotus Flower Products →

Click this image to see our Blue Lotus products available in Canada and the USA. Buy blue lotus dried flowers at Here is a picture of a blue lotus flower and a picture of the dried flower.

Blue Lotus Flower Whole

The whole flower is broken up into pieces and is composed of petals, stamens, and pods.

Buy Blue Lotus Flowers →

Blue Lotus Stamen

The stamens are the most aromatic part of the blue lotus. It is a beautiful yellow color with pinches of petals

Buy Blue Lotus Stamen →

Blue Lotus Extract

The extract is in powder form and is a novel raw material.

Buy Blue Lotus Extract Powder →


One of the most precious oils in the world. This absolute oil captures the full fragrance of the flower.

Pink Lotus

We have the Nelumbo Nucifera lotus available in crushed petals, and flower extract.

Click the image to see our Pink Lotus products available in Canada. Here is a picture of a pink lotus flower.

Pink Lotus Flower

Pink lotus is a very important flower in India, a true symbol of spirituality.

Pink Lotus Extract

Pink lotus extract is also an interesting extract that is becoming a more popular raw material for many products.


Click the image to see our Kanna products available in Canada and the USA. Buy Sceletium Tortuosum at Here is a picture of Kanna cut and sifted from Africa.

Kanna is available in:


  1. Powder
  2. Cut and sifted
  3. Extract



Click the image to see our Mulungu products from Brazil available in Canada and the USA. Buy Mulungu powder at Here is a picture of the mulungu tree that grows in Brazil.

Mulungu is available in powder form

More Botanicals


  1. Sinicuichi
  2. Calea Dream Herb
  3. African Dream Root
  4. Ololiuqui
  5. Kava
  6. More


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We sell in Canada and the USA and export Kratom and other products worldwide - Select the product you wish to view. Kratom Leaf, Kratom Extract, Amanita Muscaria, Blue Lotus, Pink Lotus, Kanna, Kava Kava, Wild Dagga, Klip Dagga, and more botanicals for you to explore and research. Please contact us if you have a rare botanical that deserves attention and research.

Important Disclaimer: Must be 18 years of age to purchase or to explore this website. Please leave now if you are under the age of 18. For educational and research purposes only. Not for human or animal use. Not for medicinal use. Not for aromatherapy(topical and inhalation). Not sold for incense and not sold as food. It is not sold as a drug. Not a dietary supplement or natural health product and can be harmful if swallowed or inhaled. Handle with care. Please read our terms and conditions before buying.

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